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Better Sleep Guarantee

Try your new mattress for 60 nights and if you’re not happy with the comfort, exchange it!

MyBedtime is committed to ensuring that every customer receives the best night’s sleep possible when purchasing a new mattress. So every purchase of a new mattress comes with our Better Sleep Guarantee, which gives our customers 60 nights from the day of receiving their mattress, to be able to return to the store and exchange it for another that would suit them better.

We stand by our products and service and promise to give you a better sleep.

Customers always tell us that the most difficult thing in purchasing a mattress is not knowing how it will feel after a night’s sleep, and they are right!

5-10 minutes laying on a mattress in the store doesn’t give customers enough time to really feel whether the bed is supporting them properly, nor give them a true indication of comfort. Pressure can build through the night, which means the mattress may seem firmer after a couple of hours.

Our staff are trained to offer advice on how to purchase a mattress by teaching the customer what to look for in a new mattress and help them find the right mattress to suit their needs.

Most bed stores make promises of support and comfort from their range of mattresses but if a customer is not happy with it they are told that there is nothing they can do.

Customers should hold us to our promises and we should help them to rectify any issue they may have with their new mattress.

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